QuickBooks LIVE Training Cenference

"I've been teaching QuickBooks for 14 years helping hundreds of people JUST LIKE YOU jump ahead in their understanding of how to make QuickBooks work for them!!"

Are you STUCK in QuickBooks?

  • At the end of the day do you find your self wondering if there is an easier or faster way to get things done in QuickBooks?
  • Have you looked at your Chart of Accounts and wondered where all that stuff came from and how do you get rid of it?
  • Do your Invoices look unprofessional but you don't know how to change them?
  • At Tax Time are you struggling to provide all the detail reports from QuickBooks that your accountant is asking for?
  • Are you confused by all the different icons on the Home page and wonder what some of them are really used for?
  • Is Payroll to frightening to even think about handling yourself in QuickBooks but you need to cut down on what it costs you to pay your accountant to do your payroll?
  • Are you new to QuickBooks and don't even know where to begin?  Maybe you came into a company that already had QuickBooks setup or you are being asked to start up QuickBooks?
  • Have you wondered what is the best way to handle transfers between different bank accounts and how to handle Petty Cash?
  • Maybe you want to start printing checks directly from QuickBooks but don't know how to get started?
  • Would you like to know a way to make routine Bills be entered automatically for you every month?
  • Are you handling your customer accounts in the best way?  Can you provide a detailed statement to a customer if they ask for one?
  • Are you using the built in features of QuickBooks to help with Collections and get your money in faster from customers?
  • Have you ever wanted to email an invoice to a customer but didn't know how to do it?


Find out the BEST way to configure QuickBooks for maximum return on your efforts.

Bring your specific Questions and Problems to the conference and GET ANSWERS - LIVE!

Follow along during the LIVE demonstrations using QuickBooks 2012 installed.on a computer provided for your use during the two day sessions

Get HANDS-ON opportunity to test out techniques presented during the Conference.

Leave with detailed Step-by-Step Guides of the material presented each day.

LIVE Questions & Answers Give Immediate Help

  • Don't Know Accounting? No Problem!

    I show you how you don't need to know accounting to make QuickBooks work for you.

    I explain everything you NEED to know about accounting in Easy-to-Understand language, not Debits and Credits!

    I teach you what the Profit & Loss Report and the Balance Sheet Report are.

  • Learn how to fix common configuration mistakes

    I show you LIVE how to fix many Chart of Account problems which make your reports confusing and meaningless.

    I show you how to configure Customer Payment Receipts properly to make your bank reconcilliations FAST at the end of the month.

    I show you how to customize your forms by adding your company Logo and make your Invoices, Sales Recipts, Quotes and Estimates look PROFESSIONAL.

    Learn the REAL purpose of the Items and Services list and how to configure it to work FOR you not AGAINST you.

    I show you LIVE how to setup all of the company configuration items for Sales Tax, Inventory, 1099s, Payments and much, much more.

  • Get Over Payroll Panic!

    I show you how to PROPERLY setup Payroll so that it is reliable and correct.

    You leave the Conference with a complete Step-By-Step Guide to help you when you get back to work.

    I discuss all of the additional features that Intuit offers to help make Payroll easier and less stressful and how much they are going to cost you.

    I also discuss many other time saving benefits of doing your payrolll in QuickBooks.

  • Need MORE? Analyze This!

    I show you how to create CUSTOM reports to meet almost any need and then save for use again and again.

    I discuss various tools availble in QuickBooks for analyzing data including Quick Reports and exporting to Excel.

    I show you the built in Graphs and how to use the Company Snapshot

  • Tips & Tricks Revealed by an Expert

    I have over 14 years of Tips and Tricks to share with you which can make QuickBooks one of the most valuable pieces of software that you use in your business.

    I use QuickBooks in my own company on a daily basis and use it to do more FOR me and make my life easier.

    I have worked with hundreds of different types of companies over the years and have lots of examples of how other companies have tackled similar problems to yours that I can share with you.

Why Wait? Get Started NOW! Just look at everything that is covered on each day of the Conference Here is what YOU will cover on DAY 1 and DAY 2

Regsiter TODAY for the QuickBooks LIVE Conference to secure your seat.  Attendance is limited and you don't want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity. 

My Guarantee To You!

I guarantee that even if you are an EXPERIENCED user of QuickBooks this Conference will be full of Shortcuts and Tips that will make your use of QuickBooks even better that it already is. 

And if you are a NEW user the configuration information will be invaluable to you in getting started in the RIGHT way on your QuickBooks company file.

I also guarantee that once you leave the Conference, if you should ever have a question about anything that we covered you can call me or email me and I will be happy to help you out.


Register TODAY for the QuickBooks LIVE Conference to secure your seat.  Seating is limited and you don't want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

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  • I understand that I will be provided a computer for my use during the Conference which will be preloaded with QuickBooks 2013 and that even though this may not be the version that I currently use that the topics covered will be presented in a way that will include QuickBooks 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • I understand that by registering my seat is secured and that I may receive a refund at anytime in advance of the Conference start for a full refund but that once the Conference starts, whether or not I actually attend I may not receive a refund.  I may substitute another Attendee at any time.
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March 20 & 21, 2013

eBiz Resource Center

3506 S Expressway 77 Suite A

Harlingen, TX  78552

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What Past Attendees Have To Say!


"I really enjoyed this course.  It answered many questions that I had about the program.  The instructor answered questions with a clear explantation.  I liked the whole course overall."

-Jessika P. - Laredo, TX

"This was a great and a very informative course!"

- Viviana Z.-Brownsville, TX


"The best - free form - question, answer- a customized course."

- Geoffrey C. - Rio Hondo, TX

"Like how the instructor was very patient and open to answer questions about our actual organization."

-Greg H. - Edinburg, TX


"Holly was very helpful.  I learned a lot!!!  She was very thorough and receptive to all the questions bombarded!!"

-Alma K. - Laredo, TX 

"Answers to all my questions in a very clear way.  The manuals...EXCELLENT!!"

-Maria K. - Laredo, TX



"Payroll section and Billing, the Best but the course is really valuable.  Can't think of anything that wasn't worth it."

-Lorena M. - Laredo, TX

"Switching from a payroll service to QuickBooks Assisted Payroll has saved me over 6 hours a month and cut my costs in half!"

-Don M - Corpus Christi, TX 


"Well I am a very new user so it was very interesting and very helpful to learn from the beginning of how to start the company and also learning some shortcuts to what I already use."

-Erica M. - Laredo, TX